In days long past, when the Earth and its creatures were still young, Lioness was walking her path alone. Lost in thought, she happened upon Rattlesnake. Startled, Rattlesnake bit Lioness, sending her into a deep sleep. Regretting what he had done Rattlesnake prepared a medicine from the Coffee Bean. He poured the

dark elixir into her mouth and Lioness awoke immediately. She felt an energy like never before

and thanked Rattlesnake. 


As the days and nights passed, Rattlesnake taught her the secrets of the soil, the sacredness of the Bean, and the respect with which one must treat it.  As this knowledge was passed on to Lioness, the virtue of the Coffee Bean slowly transformed her into a woman.  When the time came, Lioness carried the Sacred Bean and its virtues to all the villages of the world.  As word of Rattlesnake’s powers spread, the villagers built the first Rattlesnake Cafe on the site where he had saved Lioness's life.  To this day, the spirit of these two are continued in the hospitality of Rattlesnake Cafe and the quality of Lioness Coffee Roaster.

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