• Mouth-blown, double-walled glass

• Food-grade, germ-resistant surface

• Dishwasher-safe

• 3" H x 4.5" W

• Works with GINO paper filters (not included)

• Also works with the Kalita filter #185 and Tiamo filter #02


It's only natural that our meticulously designed and tested LINO cups should have an equally sophisticated way of brewing the coffee that goes into them.  Mouth-blown from dishwasher-safe borosilicate, a laboratory-grade, lightweight glass that is heat- and scratch-resistant, the GINO dripper achieves the same marriage of form and function as the rest of the collection.

The angle of the interior cone and size of the three holes at the bottom are engineered to ensure the optimal distance for water to travel through the coffee bed, ensuring an even extraction for a pure and flavorful brewed coffee. The double-walled construction highlights the coffee extraction while keeping the heat insulated, eliminating the need for a handle. The minimal profile is elegantly tapered to comfortably fit any grip.  


notNuetral Gino Dripper


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